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Actor updates from October 31 – November 6:

This week, there’s another film role for a popular Pine Valley alum and an unfortunate arrest for another. Meanwhile, a former soap star aids those affected by Hurricane Sandy and Eva La Rue tells Soaps.com what she thought about “AMC’s” controversial ending.

Josh Duhamel in You’re Not You.
“AMC’s” former Leo, Josh Duhamel, is in talks to star in the movie about a college student whose life is changed when she takes a job caring for a woman with ALS. Duhamel will join Hilary Swank (“New Year’s Eve”) and Emmy Rossum (“Shameless”) in the adaptation of Michelle Wildgen’s novel.

Colin Egglesfield back to The Client List:
When the second season of “The Client List” premieres in 2013, viewers can expect to see Colin Egglesfield (ex-Josh) reprise his role. He plays the brother of the husband who ran out on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character. Of course, he has feelings for his sister-in-law. Click on the link within Egglesfield’s Twitter announcement to see a photo of him with Hewitt on set.

Eva La Rue on the end of All My Children:
With the recent launch of Eva La Rue’s jewelry line, the actress talked to Soaps.com about her new venture. Of course, the conversation also turned to Pine Valley. When asked about her returning to reprise her role of Maria before the “AMC” finale last year, La Rue replied, “Oh, it was awesome. It was awesome and it was heartbreaking. Sarah Geller [ex-Kendall] and I talked about it so much because it’s where we felt like we grew up and where we honed our craft and learned to act. It was so sad that week going back. And I have to say, I was intensely disappointed in the final week. I just thought…I expected more out of it. I expected to cry more. I think the only thing that made me cry the whole last episode was Tad’s [Michael E. Knight] speech. The rest was really, really bad. It was all based on that company, whoever they were, who said they were going to buy the show and put it on the web, but they never had any contracts in place. They never even approached the actors. And I kept saying, ‘Wait a minute. How is this going to happen if they’ve never even approached the actors and there’s a week left of the show?’ Then they did the entire show around it continuing on the web and I think it just ripped off the fans completely. They wanted to see a final tribute, a final send off to an iconic show that had been part of their lives for more than 40 years and we as fans, because I was a fan. I never stopped watching and neither did Sarah. Neither did Kelly Ripa [ex-Hayley]. We got ripped off.”