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Pondering Pine Valley
October 27 – October 31

We’re still reeling from those killer tornadoes, aren’t we Pine Valley fans? This week, it was more of the same and I have to say I’m still loving it. There are some ‘Hmmmm’ moments out there, but then, when aren’t there?

And, as a special gift to our readers, Soaps.com found some fun Halloween episodes from the past. Click here to watch!

On with the blog!

Zach the Baby-Daddy

A lot of you are wondering about the Zach/Bianca/Baby storyline. You know what, I’m wondering about it, too, because the Bianca we’ve known from the past would never have kept this secret. I noticed on the boards that many of you were blaming Zach for the mess. I have to disagree. According to the conversations we’ve heard, Zach only agreed in theory; he was never told that Bianca actually went through with the insemination. So, while he isn’t completely blameless, he isn’t to blame, either.

What really bothers me, though, is Bianca. Note to the writers: Our Binks would never, never, never have gone through with the insemination without talking it over with Zach and Kendall and Erica first. She would have wanted their blessings and short of that, it wouldn’t have happened. Her explanation that the first and second trimesters were very hard? If it were any other character, I would say okay. But this is Bianca. She would have told her family about her family plans! The other thing that gets me? Bianca wanting a Slater baby because that would make both of her children related. Ummm. . .Hello! Bianca is both children’s mother – that makes them related! It’s like the writers are rewriting the history of Bianca by skirting the whole issue of the rape by Michael Cambias. This makes it seem as if she feels that is okay. And that is not okay! Do you agree? Yes, you do! In last week’s poll, I asked about Bianca’s pregnancy. 237 of you said the storyline doesn’t make sense.