“I’ll never forget what you did for me.”

In order to protect her baby from David, who she thought was the father, Amanda enlisted Jake to help her fake her baby’s death. They planned to induce labor in secret, give the baby up for adoption and alter birth records to make it look like her son, Trevor, was dead.

However, Jake knew Amanda would want to be near her son, so he arranged for Taylor to care for Trevor in secret. Amanda couldn’t bear to be away from him, so they planned to have Opal find the “abandoned” baby. When no one would claim the child as their own, Amanda and Jake would offer to adopt him. The plan hit a snag though when Randi found the baby first and brought him home for her and Frankie to raise.

Randi had just suffered a miscarriage and became attached to the baby. She wanted to keep him, but after Jake and Amanda were forced to tell the cops her son was alive, but missing, the Hubbards convinced her to give the baby back. Of course, that led to David learning his son was alive, which led to a whole new set of problems for Jake and Amanda.

Eventually it was revealed that Jake, not David, was Trevor’s father and Jake and Amanda lived happily ever after as a family. Albeit with a few struggles along the way. Randi and Frankie would go on to hit a few more bumps in the road as well, but remained a couple until the end, when Randi indicated she was pregnant.

Before their happy endings though, Randi was heartbroken over giving Trevor back to Amanda. Take a look at the August 31, 2009 episode below when Randi was forced to say goodbye.