Rebecca and Angie (

She’s only been around for a few days, but already a new character is taking Pine Valley by storm. Laura Koffman debuted in the role of Rebecca, Jesse’s old flame, this week – and boy were fans surprised.

Many expected not to like the character but one scene between Rebecca and Angie changed their minds; in that scene, Rebecca was both in love and ready to let go, in control but obviously hurting inside. With those first few scenes, the character – and the actress – won over Pine Valley fans. had the chance to catch up with Laura just a few days ago. Here is her take on the character.

“Well, she and Jesse lived together, raising Natalia for 18 years. They fell in love because she was Jesse’s psychiatrist – that is what I’ve been told. [Rebecca] always knew about Frankie and about Angie but loved him anyway!”

Wow! That sounds like a heavy role to play. Laura is working heavily with Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan so I asked what it was like to be thrust into the middle of their 20-year romance.