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Pondering Pine Valley
October 20 – October 24, 2008

Is anyone else still catching their breath? Am I the only one who was glued to the television at 1 PM everyday this week? Sure there were a few down times and no, it wasn’t all perfection, but the tornadoes are certainly making life interesting in Pine Valley. In fact there was only one time (okay, one character) who annoyed me this week. And you know who that is so we’ll just get him out of the way.


Oh, fans. I need a serious Ryan break. I’ll admit, though, that I’m still a fan. I’m just ready for him to begin redeeming himself from all of this tornado madness. As annoyed as I was at him for the whole I-Don’t-Love-Annie madness and the I-Refuse-To-Give-Greenlee-Space fiasco, this week really did in the character for me. Who, in the middle of a tornado, has not one thought for the daughter he sent out into a storm? Who, when weather forecasts says tragedy is near, sends his daughter out into that storm with only a teenager to watch her? Seriously, folks, who does that?

And in the midst of the storm, after you’ve been nearly crushed with debris and the woman you’ve forced into admitting her feelings is hurt and wants to try to talk to her husband, you still don’t think about your daughter? You want her ex to listen to how much you love her but you haven’t one teensy little thought that your daughter is out in the midst of the storm? The man needs some parenting classes. And if a judge doesn’t jump on his actions during the tornado to give Emma back to Annie – psychotic or not! – there is absolutely no justice in soapland.

That said, I really do applaud Cameron Mathison’s acting this week. As mad as I was – and still am – at Ryan, he made the character believable. I didn’t agree with the way Ryan acting but I understood them. That’s mostly because he hasn’t done a single sane thing since taking that bullet for Kendall.

The Tornadoes

Since the rest of the town, characters and storylines are basically about the tornadoes, I won’t separate them out.

First and foremost, I am love the tornado segments! Are there a few too many special effects? Possibly. Is the drama at a high-pitch – and therefore exhausting – throughout? Definitely. Still, I wouldn’t trade in this week in Pine Valley for any week since Kendall nearly lost Ian and Spike in the same night. Seriously, people, isn’t this why we watch Daytime television? For the upped drama stakes? For the larger than life storylines? For the hot guys and hot actions? Yeah, I thought so, too.

At the top of the drama quotient were JR and Babe. I have to say that even though I’ve known about Babe’s death for a few weeks now, I was still floored when Angie told Krystal that Babe wouldn’t make it. I was so rooting for Angie and the other doctors to come up with some miracle cure. And when Babe sang “You Are My Sunshine” to little A? Yeah, a tear or two escaped; that was not only an incredibly well-acted moment but it was a nice nod to the past when Dixie used to sing that song to JR.