Tuesday October 21:

Well, fans, another Monday of dancing has come and gone and another Tuesday of viewer votes is here. Last night, Susan and Tony danced the Hustle and the judges liked her technique – but said her dance was missing that ‘wow’ factor.

Did America agree?

Susan and Tony were in the bottom two, along with Team Toni Braxton. In the end, America’s votes were just enough to keep Susan and Tony dancing, and not enough to keep singer Toni Braxton in.

What will happen next week? We’ll have to watch and see! Until next week, fans!

Monday October 20:

Well, fans, it has been a crazy few weeks for All My Children’s Susan Lucci (Erica Kane) who has been splitting time between New York and Los Angeles where she has joined the latest cast of the reality hit “Dancing with the Stars”!

Susan is holding up well, so far. Between learning new dances she is also holding down a front-burner storyline and dealing with the aftermath of Pine Valley’s tornado weather!

The judges were hard on Susan the first few weeks, telling her to speed things up and put more emotion into her dancing. You can read about past week’s performances here.

This week, Susan got to revisit the 70s and 80s with a retro Hustle! Also this week, the dancers had to dance against another couple; Susan and Tony drew the team of Warren Sapp. Last week, Susan suffered a sprained ankle and this week, her medical prognosis was even worse. She learned she had fractured two bones in her foot!

“I felt that I had moved to another level,” Susan said of last week’s performances.

This week, the judges said Susan showed her sense of fun and applauded her for not showing any pain. Carrie Anne suggested that Susan show a little more emotion and Len told Tony to stop treating Susan like a China Doll!

“Show me some flare! Get out there and spin around,” Len said.

Bruno said the dance didn’t quite fit the Hustle, even though all of the steps were Hustle steps.

In the end, though, the judges did reward Susan and Tony for their efforts by giving them a score of 22. Meanwhile, Warren Sapp’s team earned 25 points, which means Susan really needs our votes this week!

What did Susan have to say? “I’m feeling fine,” she said and promised Len she would pull out her “knickers” next week!

You heard it, Pine Valley Faithful, Susan needs our help – so let’s go vote! And come back tomorrow night to find out how Susan and Tony fared! Good luck, Susan!