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Pondering Pine Valley
October 13 – October 17, 2008

There were a lot of things that made me go ‘hmmmm…’ in Pine Valley this week, fans. How about you? Ryan wants Emma but ignores her? Greenlee loves Ryan but doesn’t want him? Opal’s visions and Tarot Cards and dreams, oh my! And, of course, now that everyone is doing Kendall’s bidding, she has plenty of time for Zach.

On with the blog!


Now this is a love triangle that has me at some moments and at others I’m screaming at the television. Which, I suppose, is the point. On the one hand, I love Greenlee and Aidan together. On the other hand, Aidan needs a woman who really loves him. Notice I didn’t mention Ryan? Yeah, he’s on my list this week. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Aidan’s scenes this week floored me. Seriously. From wandering to The Comeback alone to telling Greenlee off to going to Ryan’s with a gun, he had me watching. Every. Single. Minute. I don’t know if this is going to be the character from now on but if it is, I think the writers are on the right track. Aidan is a great hero. He’s strong, faithful (we’ll ignore the one nighter with Kendall for now) and he gives his whole heart. Last week, I polled you guys to see what you want from Aidan and 59% of you said to send Greenlee packing. Well, this week he did and I hope he won’t look back.

Unlike Ryan for example.

Yeah, you knew I had to bring him up. Ryan drove me nuts this week and here are the top three reasons:

1) ignoring Emma in the midst of tornadoes
2) bashing in Greenlee’s door after she told him a million times to leave her alone
3) saying the tornadoes were a celebration of his love with Greenlee.

What?!?! Seriously, Ryan, what?!? You’re character just completely left me in the dark this week. And the line of the week came from Jesse when he said (after you slugged a police officer), “Why are you stuck on stupid?” So I ask, why is he stuck on stupid? Yeah, he loves Greenlee and wants her back. But just like when he chased after happily married Kendall soon after losing his memory, the man needs to back off. Can’t he see that Greenlee needs to process? Can’t he see that the weather is too flippin’ bad to send out a teenager and his 5-year-old daughter?

Greenlee did win me over a little bit this week. Every scene I could see how ripped up she was. Not over Ryan but over her actions. She knows she hurt Aidan. She knows Ryan hurt Annie because of her. She is worried about hurting even more people. I just wanted to hug her and give her good advice – not the same advice Kendall gave her – like taking a break of the tumult of romance. Like hiding out at Jack’s or moving in to the Chandler Tunnels for a while. That way she could figure out what she really wants with Ryan (eye-roll) bashing in her door, chasing her down or otherwise getting in her face so that she can’t process what is happening to her life.

Zach and Kendall