Never fear, Kendall fans, it won’t be for long but has learned that Alicia Minshew (Kendall Hart Slater) is taking a two month hiatus from the show!

Alicia is taking a break to prepare for her upcoming wedding to long-time boyfriend Richie Herschenfeld.

After seven years of the front burner, this is a first for Minshew and for All My Children. Alicia has been called the hardest working woman in Daytime and last year logged in more than 200 episodes.

Wow! She definitely deserves a break.

How will the writes deal with her long absence?
Alicia says it is time for a coma!

***Spoiler Alerts Below***

After the tornados touched down this week, Kendall is going to slip into a coma after Jake Martin botches her brain surgery. This isn’t the first coma for Kendall (fans will remember the coma that led up to Spike’s birth) but it will be the longest – at least so far! Alicia is pre-taping her coma episodes and will then take off about two months.

Will she return after her wedding, honeymoon and short vacation with new hubby? Alicia says she will definitely be back.

“Coming back is 110% happening,” she has said. “And I know I’m coming back to a really good story.”

How good?

Bianca is returning, heavy with child – Zach’s child! – and along with Binks is new girlfriend Reese. So Kendall will have to deal with not only healing from the brain injuries but also Zach’s new child, a baby girl.

Wow! Sounds like things won’t slow do for Kendall (or Alicia) does it fans? wishes Alicia the absolute best in her marriage. We’ll miss you over the next few months!