Tuesday, October 14

Well, fans, it was good news for Susan Lucci on this weeks “Dancing with the Stars” – because she was saved to dance another week!

That’s right, between the judge’s votes (Susan and Tony received a 24 from Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno) and America’s votes, they were in the top two! Congratulations Susan and Tony!

Voted out this week was the team of Rocco and Corrina. The Cloris Leachman team was also in the bottom two, but they will dance another week.

Until next week, fans!

Monday, October 13

Well, we are a month into the latest edition of “Dancing with the Stars”, starring Susan Lucci (Erica Kane). Okay, she isn’t the only star but she is the star we are most concerned with, right fans? Since her first week, Susan has been a bit of an underdog.

In that first week, Susan and partner Tony were told to speed up and sex up their dances and stop being so timid! Can you believe Susan Lucci being described as timid?

Well, that was probably deserved. But, things have gotten better.

You can read previous recaps about Susan on “DWTS” by clicking here.

Last week, however, Susan and Tony landed in the bottom four, which means they really need to turn up the heat this week!

Let’s get to the dancing!

This week, Susan and Tony drew the Tango. During the practice week, Tony made a quick appearance in New York to tape his part in an upcoming episode. Tony will play one of the victims in the upcoming Pine Valley tornado!

“No one in my entire life has said I am timid,” Susan said after last week’s show. “I am ready to tackle the Tango!”

Carrie Ann loved it and so did Len. Both said this was the best that Susan has danced.

Bruno said, “I always knew that under that polished appearance there was a tough broad. And you showed it!”

What did Susan think?

In her post-dance interview, Susan told host Samantha that she channeled Erica for the dance – and she would like to have Erica dance on a future episode of AMC!

The judges gave Susan and Tony eights across the board for a final score of 24. Combined with last weeks score (since no one was voted out last week) they have 48 points out of a possible 60. So Susan and Tony still need your vote!

Let’s get to the phones, America, and congratulations to both Susan and Tony for a great Tango!

We’ll find out tomorrow night if their scores were strong enough to take them into Week Five!