After weeks of speculation that the upcoming tornado in Pine Valley would take at least one main character, has learned that the rumor is true – and Amanda Baker (Babe Carey Chandler) is leaving All My Children!

The character of Babe will be a casualty of the tornado, which is set to hit Pine Valley later this week.

The tornado will also bring at least one character back and may take away several others.

***Warning Spoilers Included Below!***

Several weeks ago confirmed that Eden Reigel (Bianca Montgomery) would make her Pine Valley return; her first airdate is October 17. Binks is found in the rubble just after the tornado, along with sister Kendall. And these aren’t the only three lives the tornado will impact – we have learned that Opal will suffer a heart attack, little A will also be in danger, and so will Aidan, Ryan and Greenlee. Could more Pine Valley exits be on the way?

Rumor has it that Rebecca Budig (Greenlee Smythe) may also be out but as of yet we have not confirmed this with the show. We’ll keep you updated and as soon as we have the word, you’ll know it!

Amanda took on the role of Babe, which was previously played – and originated by – Alexa Havins, in October 2007. Just a few weeks ago, had the chance to catch up with Amanda, who told us she is quite happy living in New York City. You can read that interview here. She plans to stay there, at least for now. And, she says another soap role would be a fun opportunity!

Although we’ll miss Amanda on AMC, wishes her the best of luck!