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Pondering Pine Valley
October 6 – October 10

Hey, Pine Valleyites! It was a crazy week in Pine Valley and we have a ton of things to talk about, but first, I have to talk a little bit about Eileen Herlie (Myrtle). We learned that she died this week and send out our most heartfelt condolences to her friends and family. You can read about Eileen’s death and career here.

More than that, though, I personally feel that loss even though I never met this grand lady. From the time I was little I can remember my grandmother and then my father watching All My Children; even when I didn’t know the difference between actors and the characters they played I was entranced by this straight-talking character with flaming red hair. As a little kiddo, I wasn’t really allowed to watch everything on in soapland, but I caught glimpses from time to time. You know what I remember? Phoebe and Myrtle plotting, Myrt giving Erica advice, fighting with Adam and trading friendly barbs with Palmer.

With her goes a little bit of the history of Pine Valley and soaps in general. Characters come and go and so do the actors who portray them; sometimes it seems that we no sooner get used to a character than the character is recast. While I don’t fault actors for moving on to Primetime or movie screens, I do find it a little bit sad that Daytime doesn’t have those familiar faces the way they used to. I’ll miss Eileen’s portrayal of Myrtle and mourn her passing and the passing of a little bit of Daytime history.

On with the blog!

Kendall and Annie

Could someone shoot both of these characters? Last week I went on and on about how I don’t fault Annie for the way she is acting. I’m still hanging on to that thought but my grip is loosening. Why? Because Annie knows she isn’t getting Ryan back; that’s simply not going to happen. But she is still letting Kendall get her goat, so to speak. She’s played right into Kendall’s hands by letting her care for Emma. You know what she needs to do? Call Children’s Services because Kendall is completely in the wrong for not letting Annie so much as see Emma but letting Ryan spend the night! I’m sorry, but that would not fly. Of course, calling Children’s Services would mean that Emma would be sent to strangers, but why couldn’t she suggest JR and Babe? Or even Krystal and Tad? They, at the very least, would ensure that Annie is allowed to see her child!

While we’re on the subject, I loved that Zach let it be known (without flying off the handle) that it was not okay for Ryan to sleep over. And Kendall, what’s up with that? Hello! He’s a grown man with a huge penthouse; he doesn’t need a place to sleep no matter how ‘tired’ he is. What a lame excuse! Admit it, woman, you’re in love with the sap about ready to go charging after him, leaving Spike, Ian and Zach alone.

Krystal and Opal

Is there anything funnier these days that hysterical Opal? I realize the woman has scared herself silly but every time she starts in on bad dreams and Tarot cards – and every time she gets Krystal going – I just have to laugh! These two Southern Belles are hysterical. They should take their act on the road.