Tuesday, October 7

Well, fans, Susan and Tony got a reprieve tonight! After Misty May-Treanor left the competition because of an ankle injury, The Powers That Be decided not to vote anyone off of “DWTS” this week; however, that was the end of the good news.

It turns out that Susan and Tony were in the bottom four so they really have to step up their game going into Week Four.

The good news? They were ultimately safe because the team of Rocco DiSpirito came in dead last; Rocko would have been voted off had Misty not dropped out because of her injury.

All of the judges said the same thing: all four bottom couples need to show great improvement next week.

Good luck, Susan!!

Monday, October 6

Hey there, soap fans, it’s been three weeks since Susan Lucci’s monster schedule became even more hectic. She’s been dancing her way through the competition on “Dancing with the Stars” for three weeks now and so far she looks really strong.

Comedian Jeffrey Meek, actor Ted McGinley and reality star Kim Kardashian were ousted from the show previously.

You can read about Week Two here or read about Week One here.

Week Three started out with some bad news. Last Friday, October 3, volleyball superstar Misty May-Treanor injured herself. We found out last night that she had to back out of the competition because of that injury.

Once Misty’s injury was announced, Susan took the stage with her partner Tony to dance the Jive! The two danced to “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”. Turns out Misty wasn’t the only star injured – Susan hurt her ankle during the rehearsals last week but was able to continue on in the competition.

The judges gave them a score of 21! Congratulations, Susan and Tony.

We’ll find out on tonight’s show if that score was enough to have them dancing into Week Four!