After her first year walking the neighborhoods of Pine Valley, Amanda Baker (Babe Carey Chandler) is feeling at home among the characters and actors, but it’s her life off-screen that is really falling into place. recently had the chance to chat with Amanda about how life has changed since taking on the role of Babe. You can read the first part of our interview here. In the second half of our interview, Amanda chatted about going green and how she copes with the stresses of life as a soap opera star.

Going green (being eco-friendly) isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but for Amanda, it is all about taking baby steps.

“I’m very good about recycling. Where I live in NY it’s almost impossible not to, so you don’t even really have to put forth an effort. There’s a spot for recycling and a spot for garbage. Oh! And I try not to run the air conditioning and use fans. Little things like that because every little bit helps!”

Definitely, Amanda. And for a few more eco-friendly tips, click here.

Amanda also let us in on a few tricks she has for winding down. Life on set can be very high-stress, so instead of taking home the stress, Amanda makes a point of winding down before she hits the door.