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Pondering Pine Valley
September 29 – October 3, 2008

Hey there, Pine Valley-ites, didja miss me this week? I didn’t really give you a chance now did I? But, we did have some fun in Pine Valley this week – at least I think so. Greenlee told off Ryan, Annie told off Kendall, Colby started to see a little som’n, som’n in Petey and Opal became Chicken Little.

On to the blog!

You know what really gets me sometimes? No thru-lines in the stories we are watching. Remember that teensy little thing we all hated this summer? Richie’s death-by-wrench? Yeah, it’s still not tied up and it’s driving me crazy but it seems that the police in Pine Valley (yes, that would be you, Jesse Hubbard!) have forgotten all about it. Ever since the kids were cleared, we have heard nothing, nada, zippo about the search for the real killer. If they just don’t care or have no leads or whatever, that is fine. But for a while there Jesse (and Tad for that matter) were hot and heavy all over Annie for the killing. Now that the kids are cleared, it’s like they just forgot to finish up that little thing called a homicide investigation. At the very least, I think we deserve to know what the cops are doing (even if it is nothing) to figure out the crime. To me, it seems like the storyline was just dropped by the PVPD. That ain’t good.

The storyline was even dropped by Annie, somewhat. She talks about Richie from time to time, especially now that she has a stalker, but she’s not worried about going to prison for his death. And his ghost is no longer calling out to her at the most inopportune times. His ghost should still be ticked off at her, right? He’s dead and she’s the culprit and she’s getting off scot-free. Where is the angry ghost storyline? Or just Richie twisting the knife in her back a little bit more? I just don’t get it!

What I am loving about Annie, though, is that I can identify with her. I understand why she is so focused on Ryan. I understand why she hates Greenlee and Kendall and I understand why she is working with Adam to bring them down. Who wouldn’t do the same? Seriously, who wouldn’t fight to save their marriage and who wouldn’t want to kill whomever was responsible? And, in my opinion, that is Kendall and Greenlee. Kendall has been pushing Greenlee in Ryan’s face since about February. Greenlee may not want to admit that she still loves Ryan but it’s obvious that she does. I’m not saying it would have been easier for Annie if Greenlee and Ryan sat her down and said they were getting back together but at least it would have been over. She wouldn’t have had to worry every day and night about what was going to happen. That’s enough to drive anyone up the wall.