Soaps meet the graphic novel.

“All My Children’s” Cady McClain (ex-Dixie) is involved in a new graphic soap opera called “Whispering Hearts.” Done in comic book format, the story centers on Pearl Ainsley, who struggles to save her family’s newspaper in the digital age.

The story was developed by comic book creator David Watkins, who has run Mansion Comics since 1992 and created “Nick Ryan: The Skull” and “Union of Justice.” He’s also a lifelong soap fan who brought McClain onto the project. The soap star’s likeness will be used for the character Pearl. She will appear on the covers periodically and in person to introduce the book to the soap and comic communities.

In addition, former “The Young and the Restless” writer Sara Bibel will serve as “Whispering Hearts” head writer. The goal is for the book to be an ongoing monthly comic magazine to be sold on newsstands and in comic book stores.

In an open letter in support of the project, McClain writes, “Our goal is to start a soap revolution, starting from the ground up. We think a romance comic book might just be the way to begin. Women who love comics could find a romance comic to be a fun twist on the usual, and men who watch soaps might find reading a comic a great way to return to one of their favorite escapes.”

Go to Whispering Hearts Kickstarter Campaign for more information. You can also donate to help get this comic book off the ground.

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– Lori Wilson