Ladies man.

Philip Charles Brent was born in 1972 to Chuck and Tara Tyler. While Chuck raised him, Charlie’s real father was Philip Brent, but he was presumed dead after fighting in Vietnam. Chuck agreed to marry a pregnant Tara and keep the secret about the boy’s true paternity.

This being a soap, the truth eventually came out when little Philip needed a blood transfusion. A back from the dead Philip was a match and quickly realized he had a son. Tara and Philip reunited, but little Philip remained loyal to Chuck and even changed his name to Charlie.

After some more rebellion, Charlie eventually accepted Philip as his father and the family moved away in 1979. Charlie would pop in and out of Pine Valley over the years, becoming a spokesperson for Enchantment and working as a private investigator along the way.

Charlie was also a bit of a ladies’ man, as he romanced many of the prominent women in town, but who did he not get involved with? Vote in the poll and fill in the blanks about Charlie Brent below.