“I saved your life Daddy.”

Greenlee Smythe grew up thinking Roger Smythe was her father. In the summer of 2003, she learned that was not the case. In fact, fellow Pine Valley denizen Jackson Montgomery was her biological dad. As proof, it was Greenlee’s blood donation that once saved Jack’s life.

Her mother, Mary Smythe, admitted to her daughter that after she became pregnant, she married Roger because he was rich and Jack, well, not so much at the time. All those years later, Mary wanted Jack back, but he was preparing to marry Erica that day. Mary convinced Greenlee to interrupt the wedding and reveal the truth, as well as the fact that Erica knew about Greenlee, but didn’t tell her intended he had a child.

Greenlee initially didn’t want anything to do with Jack, but as “All My Children” fans know, they eventually formed a close relationship. Watch the video when things weren’t so great and an angry Greenlee dropped the bomb at Jack and Erica’s wedding.