Jane’s tell.

In May of 2011, Jane Campbell, who had reconstructive surgery, abducted Erica Kane and took over her life. Although she projected a different attitude than La Kane, Jane had everyone fooled until June rolled around and she slipped up in front of David Hayward.

Of course, David kept her secret and used the information for his own gain, seducing Jane in the process. Jane fell for David, even losing her virginity to him, but was crushed when she learned it was all a scam. Jane eventually had enough of pretending to be someone else and let Erica get back to her own life. Erica, in turn, was kind enough to let Jane go without turning her into the police.

Once free, it took awhile before everyone believed Erica’s story that Jane had been pretending to be her. She even ended up in Oak Haven for a stint, but David knew the truth thanks in part to Jane’s slip up. What did Jane do to tip David off?