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Welcome to Kristi’s “Pondering Pine Valley” Column for the week ending September 5, 2008!

Another Friday has rolled around soap fans, and that means another week of angst and silliness is under our soap opera belts. Was it a good week for you? It was for me, so without further ado, let’s put on our discussion caps and talk about what went right – and wrong! – in Pine Valley this week.

A couple of weeks ago I was all over Randi because she wasn’t explaining enough about her past. Now that she’s opened up a little bit, I find I’m changing my tune. I’m still not completely satisfied with her storyline but I am – slowly! – learning to like the character. I still don’t understand why she is shutting out Carmen and, call me crazy, but there has to be more to their backstory than simple anger on Randi’s part for being left behind. I have a feeling that something big and bad happened to Randi after Carmen flew the coop and my initial guess is that it is going to be some kind of sexual abuse storyline. You know what I’d really like though? A total change for Randi. I like that she’s getting a second chance by working at Fusion, but since she opened up about being a foster child today and since we know she is still reeling from Carmen’s abandonment, I’d really like to see her go to school and try to make changes for other children. I think she could be a great social worker, a good doctor and she’s selling herself short by accepting the first receptionist job – fun as it may be! – that comes along!

All My Children began as a social issues show, or at least that was Agnes Nixon’s vision. She wanted to tackle tough topics and tell real stories. What could be more real than a child from the system coming back and making changes in that system? I think it could be a great story and I think it’s one that should be told.

Now that the tough stuff is out of the way, there are a lot of things cracking me up about show lately, namely Kendall. Especially since she isn’t trying to be funny!

I find it hilarious – not ha-ha-funny but you-deserve-this-funny – that she’s shut Zach out of her life for the past several months and now that he’s made himself unavailable, she is nearly at a breakdown. If you think about it, she’s been pushing Zach away ever since the one-nighter with Aidan; I really think this whole ‘I have to fix Ryan and Greenlee’ thinking isn’t really about Ryan and Greenlee; it’s about Kendall not being able to forgive herself for cheating on Zach. She can’t forgive herself. Knowing his past, she doesn’t know how he can forgive her and so she is sabotaging their relationship. At the same time, though, I find myself screaming at the screen every time she comes on. She isn’t being a friend to anyone and has been called on that several times this week.

This one isn’t so funny, but Kathy is really turning into a little troublemaker, isn’t she? I did find something a little funny, though. How does a 6-year-old flip over a heavy ladder holding Krystal? That is way more weight than Kathy should be able to move – and no, I’m not saying Krystal is fat!

Erica takes the cake for hilarity this week and I do mean ha-ha-funny hilarity this week. It seems like every time she turns around she is being confronted with Jack and Carmen – was it priceless when she saw Carmen wearing Jack’s shirt or what? – or Adam. I’m not sure which gets the most laughs, at least from me, though.