Love on the run.

Noah Keefer met Julia Santos after a tornado ripped through Pine Valley in 1994. Julia ran away after she was left with a scar on her face and stayed with the rough around the edges Noah. While they were co-habitating, Julia was raped by Louie Greco, whom Noah accidentally killed.

Julia and Noah fell in love and ran off to Jamaica when Noah was charged with murder. While on the run, the two faced danger, presumed death and a jealous cop named Taylor Cannon. They eventually returned to Pine Valley, after going into a voodoo trance and being shipped in coffins, where Noah was proven innocent.

Once home and in the clear, Noah and Julia married, but their troubles weren’t over. Julia became the target of a hitman, who was married to Noah’s mother Rose. After Julia testified against the man who tried to kill her, Rose and Noah’s sister, the family was forced to enter the Federal Witness Protection program and began a new life in San Francisco.

Julia briefly returned to Pine Valley when Maria returned from the dead and made a more permanent return after Noah died. Julia herself ended up getting killed by Ray Gardner’s brother Robert, who was gunning for Aidan Devane, but missed.

While their love story ended tragically, Julia and Noah enjoyed some happy times together and were deeply in love. Take a look back at Noah proposing to Julia in the video below.