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Pondering Pine Valley, August 25 – August 29

There were a lot of things to ponder in Pine Valley this week, fans, but only one character who really had me scratching my head.


Can you blame me?

Here is a woman who has everything she could want: a great family, super-mega bucks, a husband to die for and friends who would go that extra mile for her. And what does she do? She tries to blow the whole thing up. I’ve seen Kendall self-destruct many, many, many times but I really think this is the worst she has ever been. When Kendall first arrived in town she was self-destructive but at least she had reason to be. When Kendall arrived in Pine Valley she was a young woman trying to find herself, who hated her mother and who wanted revenge. All of these things were understandable because of the life she had led prior to coming to town. But now she has everything going for her. What is her reason now?

She has Zach. The man we all love. That accent, the way that he loves her, faults and all, and the way he loves their children. All of those things make me melt every time he takes the screen. So why is Kendall ignoring him? He begged her for some alone time this week. Seriously. Begged. And what did she do? She had to make a call. She had to help her friends. She had to do basically anything that would take her out of Zach’s reach. Why-oh-why? This makes absolutely no sense! Kendall loves Zach. They’re phrase is “Always Only You”, not “Always Only You and Five Other People”. Not “Always Only You and Your Ex”. “Always Only You”. Kendall, that means when you’re husband asks for a little of your time, you give it. You don’t run away from him.

I’m really questioning what the writers have going on (I know, new writers, give ’em a chance) but seriously, what is going on? Every soap needs a meddler but most meddlers don’t sacrifice their own happiness to meddle in other people’s lives the way Kendall is doing. She’s been told by everyone and her mother to let Ryan, Greenlee, Aidan and Annie find their own way. Still she keeps pushing. She’s pushing Greenlee to Ryan even though Greenlee screams from the skyscrapers that she loves Aidan. She’s pushing Ryan to Greenlee even though he is adamant about standing by his kids. And she’s pushing Annie (a dangerous thing to do!) just to push her. Earth to Kendall: If you suspect a woman is a killer, you don’t make yourself her next target by ruining what is left of her life! Yeesh!

On the other hand, Petey is being the kind of meddler we all love. He is meddling in Adam’s business – which can only lead to trouble! – because he wants Colby. He’s made a deal with the devil himself to get Colby and we all know that is going to blow up in his face. But watching it happen is going to be fun! I thought I caught a few glimpses of the funny Petey a few weeks ago but I’m really seeing it now! He is Clark Kent and I think Colby could be his Lois Lane, if she would just give herself a chance! As I was watching today (Friday), I almost spewed Pepsi all over my keyboard watching him in his scientist glasses with his cream-cow filled with his new chemical. He’s had a few great lines, especially with Adam. When Adam called him dull, he said, “I know”, quite gleefully. When Colby called him a dork, he knew that, too. But the best was with Opal. He was obviously puzzled by the fact that she drank some of his chemical.

“Who drinks from a cow next to a chemistry station?” he wondered.

Who, indeed? I wonder when Opal’s craziness is going to really start showing up in poor Petey?!?