The truth comes out.

After Bianca was raped by Michael Cambias in 2003, she discovered she was pregnant. Although she considered having an abortion, Bianca decided to keep the baby and bonded with her sister Kendall over it. They decided Erica shouldn’t know and tried to keep the pregnancy a secret.

When a sonogram fell out of Bianca’s purse at Cambias’ funeral, Kendall stepped up and declared it was hers. Since she claimed to have married Michael to protect Bianca anyway, this was an easy sell.

However, Kendall’s meddling frenemy Greenlee didn’t believe Kendall was pregnant. To prove she was right, Greenlee ripped Kendall’s dress off in court (Kendall was being tried for Michael’s murder) to reveal a pregnancy pad. She felt this would make Ryan happy, but it backfired since he knew the truth and was helping Bianca and Kendall with their rouse.

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