“At least you’re not boring.”

After being presumed dead from an explosion, “General Hospital’s” Anna Devane came to Pine Valley in 2001. Her twin sister found her near death, and with a fuzzy memory, in Canada and brought her to the Pennsylvania town to recuperate.

Once healthy, Anna made a life for herself in Pine Valley, joined the police force and eventually fell in love with David Hayward. They married, but faced many problems, namely David’s many dastardly deeds.

Anna became pregnant, but sadly, their daughter Leora (named for David’s deceased brother Leo) had heart problems and needed surgery. David was opposed to operating on their tiny baby, but Anna signed off on it without his consent.

Unfortunately, Leora died after Joe Martin performed the surgery. Their child’s death was one more thing to come between Anna and David, but they reunited to mourn the loss of their daughter together.

Of course, the two didn’t last much longer as Anna left her husband when she found evidence implicating David in Michael Cambias’ disappearance. Rather than turn him in, she resigned from the police force and said goodbye to Pine Valley.

Take a look at the progression of David and Anna’s relationship from first kiss to blissful married couple to grieving parents.