Kendall, honey, get a grip! (

August 22, 2008

Hey there, Pine Valley Faithful. Well, it’s been another interesting week here at All My Children but I’ve still got a lot of questions I’m pondering. So, without further ado, here is my take – or maybe I should just say my questions – on what happened in our favorite fictional city this week.

The main storyline is still “Who Killed Richie” and for the first time I have to say I’m ready for it to be wrapped up. Seriously. Wrap it. Now. Although I’m loving Richie’s ghost haunting Annie and her craziness (did anyone else want to cheer when she finally told off Kendall and Greenlee and walked out of Fusion?), I’m soooo incredibly tired of whiney Cassandra and her “I Should Be A Suspect” monologues. We get it, Cass, you don’t see that you did anything wrong. The fact is you didn’t but at this rate, I’d really like to see you framed for the crime just so you’d have something to really whine about!

Her real reasoning for all the brattiness finally came to light this week: she’s still angry that Angie fell back into love with Jesse so quickly. Still, if she says one more time that Jesse is treating her unfairly I’m going to scream. He cleared it with the DA to let her go to Paris so she could get some distance, he hasn’t arrested her AND he refuses to get angry with her no matter what she says or does.

Here are the facts, Cass:
*You were in a car involved in a hit-and-run.
*You, Colby and Dre left the scene and immediately started lying about it.
*Jesse has matched some debris at the scene to the make and model of the car you were in.
*Jesse also has surveillance photos of you and Dre and the car on the highway that same night.

Call me crazy but the fact that you’re not in jail – and neither rare Dre and Colby – is a testament to Jesse’s willingness to protect you at his own risk! In any other city in the country, the three of you would at the very least only be out of bond and most likely would be cooling your heels in a jail cell. Sure, it’s circumstantial evidence but it’s a lot of circumstantial evidence that, coupled with your lies, spells G-U-I-L-T-Y.

****Spoiler Alert****

P.S., Cass, skipping town with Dre is only going to make things worse. Just quit while you’re ahead and stick with the Paris plan.

On to my next rant. Could Kendall be more of a buttinsky? How many times do people have to tell her to pay attention to her own family or that they don’t care how weird someone else (read: Annie) is acting? A few weeks ago when she was acting calm and collected and telling Greenlee that they could work through their problems, I really thought Kendall was growing up and becoming more responsible.