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Wow! Is anyone else completely surprised that it’s Friday (and therefore time for Week Three of the new column?)? Seems like this week – and the summer in general – have flown by. And no wonder with all the craziness going on in Pine Valley! Personally, I really love a good, dramatic summer storyline and we’ll dish a little about that today. Whether you agree or disagree with my opinions, give me your own in the comments section and we’ll chat some more.

August 15, 2008

My first observation: all of the dramatic summer storylines … aren’t all that dramatic! Unfortunately, this week has shown that almost all of the drama could be explained away with a few simple conversations. I hate that! So, I’m gonna be a little bit picky this week.

Jackson/Erica/Samuel Triangle

I’m sorry but I’m not buying that Samuel – a federal attorney and Senate candidate! – is really buying Erica’s I’m-So-Over-Jack routine. Yes, he came to her rescue in the solitary confinement. Yes, it’s easy for her to see the friction between Sam and Jack. Yes, he’s obviously attracted to her after a loooooooong spell of celibacy after the death of his wife on 9/11. All of that should ratchet up the drama but it isn’t. You know why? Because I don’t think Samuel is really buying into her act. I think he knows she is using him (as she’s used many others) just to make Jack jealous. With that said, what exactly is Sam up to? Is he leading Erica, who is leading him, on? Is he trying to out-Kane La Kane? I’m not sure, which is what is keeping me watching and annoying me at the same time.

The best part of the week Erica-wise? When Jack finally dumped her! I loved the look on her face. That You-Can’t-Be-Over-Me look was priceless and so totally Erica! You know what I think? I think Erica is great. She’s an amazing woman who knows how to work a room – and a man! – over. So why isn’t she working the room this time around? Why is she playing games? She knows what she wants. Jack. So why isn’t she just going after it? I guess after all of her heart to hearts with Carmen in prison, I expected that more mature Erica to still exist outside of the prison bars.

The Teen Hit-and-Run

All I can say here is, “Hallelujah! It’s almost over!” Don’t get me wrong. I love Colby. I love Dre. But Cassandra is working my ever-lasting last nerve! She’s acting like an eight year old who was picked last at kickball. Newsflash: she is a world-traveling eighteen year old. Yeah, she would be worried about her friends. Yeah, she should be worried about winding up in jail herself. But, no, she shouldn’t be stomping around her home trying to convince everyone and anyone that Jesse has it out for her when he so obviously doesn’t. Jesse’s been trying to help her from the beginning. He said it, Angie said it, Frankie said it, Dre said it…but still Cassandra is playing the My-Stepfather-Doesn’t-Like-Me card. Will somebody give Angie a little more backbone and have her set Cass straight? Yeesh!

The best thing about this storyline? Yaya DaCosta. She makes Cass worth watching even when every second I’m grinding my teeth begging her to stop with the whining.

I’ve been thinking about this storyline a lot and I think I know where it’s gone wrong: Cassandra isn’t really upset about the charges (or at least not totally). She’s still harboring ill will because Angie never got over Jesse even though she married Cass’s father, Jesse-look-a-like Jacob. This storyline needs to make an abrupt change. I say bring in Jacob (and let Darnell Williams play a dual role; he’d be awesome) and let the storyline play out as it should: with plenty of father drama, daughter drama and wife drama because Angie would finally have to choose between the two men in her life when both of them are in the same place at the same time.