They say no soap is as good without a good villain. All My Children fans, hang on to your hats because has learned that Vincent Irizarry is returning as Dr. David Hayward!

Vincent left his most recent role, as David on The Young & The Restless just a few weeks ago. You can read more about that by clicking here. Once that news broke, Pine Valley fans immediately began speculating that Genoa City’s loss would be Pine Valley’s gain.

Nobody does villains better than Vincent. As Dr. David Hayward, Vincent played Erica and Krystal as well as daughter Babe. He also made enemies of Tad and Dixie, and therefore JR, as well as Zach . . . Well, basically, everyone in Pine Valley has hated David at one point or another! And, wow, does that make for some stunning television!

So far, details on what David’s storyline will be this time around are being kept fairly quiet. Will he immediately stoke up the daddy drama by weaseling his way in to Babe’s life? Will he put another wrench in the Tad/Krystal relationship? Could he be harboring a bigger secret – like the fact that Dixie is alive and kicking somewhere? Maybe he was helping her “haunt” Adam in the Spring!