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Short lived happiness.

“All My Children” supercouple Jenny and Greg didn’t have an easy time of it. Their many obstacles on the road to happiness included their differing backgrounds (Greg’s snooty mother didn’t think Jenny was good enough for him), Liza, who was jealous of Jenny and did her best to keep the couple apart, Greg becoming paralyzed and sending Jenny away, and Jenny’s subsequent engagement to Tony Barclay, despite her still being in love with Greg.

Of course, nothing could keep the soul mates separated for long and the two reconciled after Greg regained the feeling in his legs. Jenny broke up with Tony and became engaged to Greg.

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While their wedding went off without a hitch, with best friends Angie and Jesse standing up for them, Tony was still angry and rigged Greg’s jet ski to explode, but it killed Jenny instead. Despite their tragic ending, Greg and Jenny were happy for a time, as evidenced in the video of their 1984 wedding below.

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– Lori Wilson