Questionable past.

Palmer Cortlandt was a Pine Valley mainstay for decades. Hailing from Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia, he came to town in 1979 after making a name for himself and changing his name from Pete Cooney.

In addition to becoming a successful businessman, Palmer was also something of a ladies’ man, as he was married several times. There was Nina’s mother Daisy Murdoch, Chuck’s love Donna Beck, Janet From Another Planet’s sister Natalie Marlowe, Tad’s mother Opal Purdy Gardner, Palmer’s son Ross’ ex-wife Cynthia Preston, and Leo and David’s mother and drug lord Vanessa Bennett.

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Palmer had quite the eclectic collection of wives, but which one was a former prostitute? Vote below and feel free to reminisce about Palmer and his many wives below.

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Photo credit: ABC

– Lori Wilson