Since the beginning of the summer, rumors have been flying about the arrival of Beth Ehlers (Taylor, ex-Harley, Guiding Light). Her arrival is no longer a rumor; you can read about that here. Now, we are learning more about the character of Taylor and how Jake is going to get involved in her life.

The first two meetings have been exercise-related. A couple of weeks ago, Jake literally bumped in to Taylor on the jogging trail. The two exchanged, “Excuse Me’s” and then last week Jake was walking along the beach when Taylor stopped by. Jake tried talking to her to find out more about her but Taylor, not knowing him, shut him down. She quickly resumed her jog and Jake was left to watch her disappear into the distance.

****Spoiler Alert****

Jake is going to immediately – as if we didn’t see this coming – going to be interested in starting a relationship with Taylor. Just like their first two meetings, has learned that Jake is going to try to give Taylor some jogging advice. Taylor doesn’t like the way Jake is trying to talk to her and basically ignores him. This is going to change, however.

Within the next few weeks, the relationship between Jake and Taylor is going to heat up but not just romantically. Taylor, it seems, is a very tough woman – thanks in part to the time she served with the Army in Iraq – and she is not going to like the way Jake starts butting in to her life.

As most soap fans know, this is the probably the perfect start to a not-so- perfect relationship, and could help Taylor and Jake grown in to a fan favorite couple very quickly. Now we need to come up with a super couple nickname. How about Jaylor? Or is Take more appropriate? Check in with your feelings in the comments section.