Having it all.

“All My children” may no longer be on the air, but that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine what could have been for some of our favorite characters. With Fan Fiction, we can do just that.

When Madison finally got over pining for Ryan and Scott finally got out of jail, it seemed like a perfect match ─ despite being orchestrated behind the scenes by jealous Greenlee. The chemistry between the two was just right as they engaged in an easy banter, and Scott was just the kind of guy to love Mad’s baby as much as if he were her own father. That’s why it was so heartbreaking when Madison, after finding out about Scott and Greenlee’s arrangement, crashed her car, went into premature labor and ultimately lost the baby, Sara. She spends months after running from real love with Scott. But things might have been different if the baby never died.

Greenlee walks into Madison’s hospital room. She knows the baby needs Madison to be strong, and with Scott, Madison will have someone to lean on, who truly cares for her, as they focus on Sara’s health. She shouldn’t be pushing him away just because of their agreement. “You’re right, you should be more focused on the baby,” Greenlee says to Madison. “But Scott loves you. What you had was real. You are going to need him, Madison, especially now.”

“Why now,” Madison cries, suddenly frantic. “Is something wrong with the baby?”

“No, I only meant it is important for you to relax after everything you’ve been through,” Greenlee assures her. “I promised Ryan I’d make sure you got some rest, so can you please try to do that.”

“What is not relaxing is you coming in here and dredging up the whole Scott nightmare like I have the energy to even think about that,” Madison sighs. “If you want to help me, take me to see my baby. I need to make sure she is okay.”

Greenlee leaves to get a wheelchair and immediately runs into Ryan in the hallway. “Madison is hell-bent on seeing the baby,” she says. She can see right away that Ryan is shaken, scared about the baby’s condition. He tells her the baby is sick, that she has pneumonia and that it doesn’t look good. She grabs his arm, begging him not to go there. But they both know how serious an illness can be for a baby so tiny. Suddenly, Frankie and the baby’s doctor approach. “How is she,” he asks. “Can I go see her now?”

“I’m sorry,” the doctor says. “Her system is too fragile for you to see her now, but she is going to be okay. The antibiotics are working and she is already showing some improvement in her lung function.” Greenlee and Ryan grab each other and start laughing and crying at the same time. They are not out of the woods yet, but the smile on Frankie’s face assures them they are well on their way.

At this moment, Scott walks in, arms laden with toys for the baby. The last time he saw Madison, he was professing his love to her in the hospital room right before she had the baby. She had pushed him away, wanting to focus on the baby. He had to see her, to let her know how much he needed her and the baby in his life. “How’s the baby,” he asks Greenlee and Ryan. They assured him Sara was going to be just fine and that they were just on their way to tell Madison. “Let me,” Scott says and walks to her room.

Scott knocks on Madison’s door and slowly opens it. She looks so pretty sitting there, but he can tell how nervous and scared she is. She glances over to him and he can also tell he is the last person she wants to see. “Get out,” she says. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with someone who only dated her as part of some sort of sick arrangement with Greenlee. “I am waiting to go see my baby.”

“That is why I am here,” Scott says, walking slowly over to her. She sits straight up, scared of what he has come to say. He rushes the rest of the way to her side and sits next to her on the bed. “Sara is going to be just fine,” he says. “The doctors just told Ryan. Sara is going to be fine.”

Madison exhales and sinks into Scott’s arms. She knows how close she came to losing everything ─ Sara, and Scott. She throws her arms around him and pulls him tight. Now that she knows Sara is going to be fine, she can let her guard down with him. Lying in this hospital bed, waiting for news about Sara and going over in her mind what life would be like without her and the love of Scott had been more than she can bear. And now that it is all back in her arms, she is overwhelmed with feeling.

“Scott, I can’t do this alone,” she says. “I want to be with you. And when I get to leave here with my baby, it’s our home together I want to take her to. Please say you want that too.” She looks up at him and he couldn’t be happier. “Of course that is what I want,” he says. “More than anything.” The two kiss and then smile at each other. Things could have turned out so different, but in this moment everything is perfect. They go off to check on Sara, together.

– Hollie Deese