Many suspects.

“All My Children” certainly saw its share of villains over its 41 years. At this time in 2002, one such villain wreaking havoc in Pine Valley was the dastardly drug lord Proteus.

The mysterious Proteus caused many problems for the residents of Pine Valley. He/she coerced Mateo into working for him/her, which he agreed to do fearing for his family’s safety. Among other things, the villain also drugged Greenlee, Jake and Maggie, leaving them all for dead.

Other characters involved in the storyline included Simone, who fell for Mateo while trying to get info on the case for a Tempo story. However, she also started giving her information to a New York editor, who was, unbeknownst to her, working for Proteus. Uh-oh! Then there was David, who was naturally suspected of being the drug lord and was arrested.

For once, David wasn’t guilty, but who was? Do you remember who Proteus turned out to be? Was it David’s mother Vanessa, David’s brother Trey, Erica’s lover and federal agent Chris Stamp, or Greenlee’s father Roger Smythe? Vote and comment on the story below.