The Randi/Frankie pairing is hot! (

Well, gang, it’s week two of my new column. It’s been five days of recapping, picture taking and reviewing all of the happenings in and around our favorite city and I have to say, I’m really glad to “see” you all again – because I’ve got some things to say! Remember, the opinions placed below are mine and mine alone. If you agree with me, awesome! If you don’t, that’s cool, too. Agree or disagree, hit the comments area below and we’ll talk a little bit more about what happened, what should have happened or what didn’t happen. Onward, my fellow Pine Valleyites, we have much to discuss.

First and foremost on my mind this week is the children. This is All My Children, right? So where are the kids? We never see Spike or Ian any longer, Jenny makes a quick appearance every few weeks. We actually saw Emma for the first time in weeks earlier this week but she was trotted back to the babysitters just as quickly as she left. At this point ****Spoiler Alert**** I can understand why Kathy is going to revolt against Krystal. Her mother died a year ago, Guardian Julia died just a few weeks ago and she gained a father whom she never sees! I think I’d revolt, too, if I were a five year old kid dealing with such a trunk load of emotional baggage. I say, show us some family time. Real, down to earth family time. Don’t get rid of the adult drama completely but let’s break it up with a little down time for the kiddos. They deserve it!

Speaking of the kids, I was heartbroken to learn that Josh has been backburnered for so long that The Powers The Be have sent the character to Recurring-ville. What a waste of a great actor – and a hunk, to boot! The best way they could save the character? Un-unabort him, prove that he isn’t another child of Erica’s (I mean, really, how could he be?) and get him back in the mix with Tad over the death of Greg Madden. A death that was just kind of glossed over. I’m not in favor of Tad having a dark side but really should he just be let off the hook for that crime?

This Ryan/Annie/Greenlee triangle is really not working for me. I wasn’t a fan of Rylee the first time around and now that I’ve seen Ailee in action, I say give them the SuperCouple moniker and let’s move forward! I know there’s nothing better than a love triangle on daytime television, but the current take on Ryan/Annie/Greenlee/Aidan is missing something. I can’t put my finger on exactly what but I just don’t see that spark that has been there in the past when the writers tried to break someone up. I hear, however, that all kinds of action is going to be headed RyAnAiLee’s way (and Zendall’s, too) in the next few months. So, even though I’m not thrilled to pieces with it, I have to say that I’m willing to wait it out. However, if something doesn’t happen soon – and by soon I mean within the next month – I’m going to have to have a portion of my brain removed.

The story that I am loving right now? Randi and Frankie. I know, hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold storylines have been done over and over on daytime television. I know this one isn’t all that different from past storylines. But the actors playing Randi (Denise Vasi) and Frankie (Cornelius Smith, JR) and Angie (Debbi Morgan) are killing it!