Rewind to 1984.

Shortly after Angie married Jesse in the early 80s, she left him because she was pregnant. When he found out, he expressed his desire to raise their child together, but Angie’s father, Les Baxter, had already made adoption arrangements for the baby. The Hubbards eventually found their son and took him out of town. Even though they were finally together as a family, Angie and Jesse were arrested for kidnapping.

A trial ensued, where Jesse revealed on the stand that Les forged Jesse’s signature on the adoption papers. Obviously, the kidnapping charges were dropped and the Hubbards remained a happy family unit until Jesse’s presumed death a few years later, but that’s a whole other story.

Meanwhile, Donna, who let Benny down after he proposed, was charmed by Ross Chandler. After watching them kiss, Benny said a sweet goodbye to Donna.

Check out the clips from January 13, 1984, which also includes Daisy proposing to Palmer, the early days of Adam and Palmer, Myrtle and Ellen working at the boutique and Gil making a pass at a married Brooke. Feel free to fill in the blanks and share what you remember about these storylines below.