Love her or hate her, Krystal Carey Chandler Martin isn’t going anywhere any time soon. She is currently embroiled in a love triangle with ex-husband Adam and semi-in-name-only-husband Tad, has taken on the mothering of 5-year-old Kathy and is also playing spy-games with Adam Chandler. All of that and she looks great, too!

I recently had the chance to chat with Bobbie Eakes about the role of Krystal and learned some very interesting things about Krystal’s future – and that of Bobbie, too! She is currently in rehearsals for the “Divas of Daytime” show; you can read about that by clicking here . Bobbie is also dealing with a high-octane storyline in Pine Valley; read on for our Question and Answer session!

Kristi: “2007 was a roller coaster for Krystal – she lost her husband, gained a baby girl, nearly lost Babe and then married her friend Tad. What is it like to have such an emotional storyline to play?”

Bobbie: “I truly believe we, as human beings, are highly effected by what we focus on. As an actor it is really hard to separate yourself from those mental issues, so I make a real conscious effort to have a full life outside the show because it has been very emotional. It’s been tough but it’s very fulfilling as an actress.”

[Editor’s note: with the debut of “The Dark Knight”, Heath Ledger’s last film, we talked about the stresses of highly emotional stories. Bobbie said it is important to separate yourself from the work from time to time.]