What happened next?

Since we may never know what happened after shots rang out, presumably from JR’s gun, during the series finale of “All My Children,” Soaps.com asked for your best ideas on what occurred. Did someone in fact take a bullet, could there have been another shooter, or did everyone leave the party unscathed? Vote below and if you don’t see your theory, leave it in the comments.

Bettina H, Kylie T and Steph R think it was Erica because she was in the line of fire. Sherry is in agreement and Jessi B says it was Erica because, “That would be a true end of the show.”

Sara V: “I’m thinking [JR] either committed suicide, or the gun misfired as he tripped, or someone came up behind him and they wrestled with the gun and it went off.” Megan A, Hilday Y, Louise D and Lily M agree JR shot himself.

Brandy G believes the bullet got Marissa or Bianca, while Valerie D agrees that Marissa was the victim.

Keisha H: “Nobody because I think he missed and the bullet and went into the wall. Vitina V seconds the theory that the bullet missed hitting anyone.

Melissa G thinks it could have been Tad, Erica, Adam, Dixie or Marissa.

Levann offered: “My initial thought is that JR should have shot himself. I know that many would not like to see a legacy character meet this end, but given the way the character has tanked (since Babe) I think it would make sense. If not JR shooting himself then I vote for Marissa. She’s another one that I cannot stand and who really served no purpose. Let Adam/Brooke raise AJ.”

MissChef thinks from the way it looked, Marissa or Bianca took the bullet. However, she along with several other posters don’t even want to speculate since no one will ever know unless they bring the show back or produce a movie to wrap things up.

What do you think? Do you agree with the scenarios above, or do you have a different theory? Vote and comment below.