All My Children’s Eden Riegel (Bianca) hasn’t let any grass grow under her feet since leaving Pine Valley last spring. In addition to a few cameo appearances, Eden has begun her own Internet series called “Imaginary Bitches” (you can read about that here), finished taping a movie with Jack Black called “Year One” and is now set to co-host a new online cooking show with Bob Guiney! I had the chance to chat with Eden recently and she told me all about Bob, the online series and her hopes of a Pine Valley return!

Kristi: “Hi Eden, first of all, tell us about the new show!

Eden: (laughing) “It’s a show designed for dumb guys who don’t know what they’re doing in the kitchen and haven’t cooked anything beyond a Pop-Tart. It will show them how easy, fast and fun cooking can be to impress their dates – and hopefully get luck!”

Kristi: “So the idea is to demystify the kitchen. What types of dishes/recipes can we expect to see prepared?”

Eden: “Simple but impressive dishes. [Meals] designed to be accomplished quickly. . .are usually casseroles or things that aren’t very sexy. Our food is very sexy and makes it look like you’ve been at work on this for a while. We even talk about fun drinks you can serve and there are quick tips, too, to show bachelors how to gussy up their tables. And, guys can submit video pleas for help on unique dating situations and we can help them out by answering their questions. From a date with a girl who is really into healthy eating to how to set up that first at-home date.”

Kristi: “You co-host with ‘Bachelor Bob’ – now married to AMC regular Rebecca Budig – what is it like to work with him?”

Eden: “He is hilarious! Bob (giggles) keeps me laughing all the time! He is so fun to work with and this show sort of unleashes his personality. In this case he is playing Everyman, the guy who has no idea what a frying pan is, but he is charming and delightful. If I can teach him to make something, I know it’s something that anyone can accomplish!”

Kristi: “Give us the details: show length, airdates and how many episodes have been taped?”