Fans have been clamoring for it for months – Ryan has finally regained his memory! But, the big reveal that Ryan remembers everything from the past four years isn’t exactly what many fans had hoped for. Rather than Ryan simply moving forward with Annie and his family, Ryan has realized that Greenlee was the reason he couldn’t regain his memory for these past few months.

Ryan, it seems, is in love with Greenlee and always will be.

Although Annie doesn’t know it yet, and neither does Greenlee for that matter, the revelation is sure to set tongues wagging in and out of Pine Valley!

At, we like the intrigue and the ins and outs of on-screen romances as much as anyone, but we thought we would ask the question: Which woman is Ryan’s true soul mate?

We’ll begin with Greenlee.

Remember in the beginning, Ryan was really just a toy for her. Greenlee wanted him but he was with Gillian. When they finally did get together, it was a friends-with-benefits thing, but the did wind up falling in love. Through it all there has a been a bit of a triangle with Kendall. She had Ryan first, she wanted Ryan first but Greenlee was the one who wound up with him.

Greenlee fooled Ryan by taking his sperm from a sperm bank after he faked his death. Then he came back from the dead and decided he wanted her. What she wouldn’t fall in line, Ryan continued on with his life – and having a child with Kendall.