The finale.

Updated November 22:

Season 13’s “Dancing with the Stars” elimination included two more dances from the finalists. The scores from tonight’s performances were factored into last night’s scores to determine who would be eliminated.

First, the three remaining teams chose a routine from earlier in the season to be judged once again. After their performances, (J.R. and Karina chose their week two jive) Ricki & Derek were eliminated, despite the judges giving them the highest points for the round.

The second round, required Rob & Cheryl and J.R. & Karina to perform an instant samba to “Shake Your Bon Bon.” The judges gave both teams high praise and perfect 30s. However, once all the scores were combined, J.R. and Karina were named the winners of season 13 “Dancing with the Stars.”

Congratulations J.R.!

Originally posted November 21:

The “Dancing with the Stars'” season 13 finale is here. After nine weeks and with Cameron Mathison (Ryan), Vincent Irizarry (David) and Michael E. Knight (Tad) in the audience, J.R. & Karina went head to head with Ricki & Derek and Cheryl & Rob for the coveted mirrorball trophy.

J.R. and Karina’s first dance was the cha-cha-cha set to “Let’s Get Loud.” The crowd went wild for J.R., which Carrie Ann noted, saying everyone fell in love with his spirit. However, she thought his musicality was off. Len thought it was brave that J.R. did a lot of the dance solo, but he was off time and messed up a few steps. Bruno liked the mood J.R. set, as well as his intensity with Karina, which was on the money. Carrie Ann gave him an 8, Len a 7 and Bruno a 9.