A week of three dances.

Updated November 15:

Despite landing in jeopardy, J.R. and Karina made it through another week and are going to the “Dancing with the Stars” finale. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Maks and Hope, who were eliminated. Tune in next week to find out if J.R. and Karina will win the coveted mirror ball trophy or if it will go to Ricki and Derek or Rob and Cheryl. Who do you think will win?

Originally posted November 14:

The semi finals consisted of two individual dances and a cha-cha relay for each of the four finalists. J.R. and Karina’s individual dances were the Argentine Tango and the Paso Doble, but unfortunately, J.R. twisted his ankle during rehearsal, hindering him a bit.

For the Paso Doble, J.R. and Karina danced to a song from “Mask of Zorro.” The crowd went wild for him, but he hurt his ankle again during this first dance. Bruno told him he felt the thrill and excitement of the role playing. However, his posture wasn’t quite there. Carrie Ann gave him a lot of credit for attacking the intensity of the dance with a twisted ankle, but she felt it affected his posture. Len didn’t think the dance suited J.R. also noting his poor posture. Carrie Ann gave him an 8, Len a 7 and Bruno an 8.