It wouldn’t be possible to make our favorite daytime soaps without a few not-so-familiar faces showing up. From nurses to maids to friends of friends, soap operas need a lot of extra people around to make those stories work. did a little research and learned who some of these familiar faces are. Read on to get acquainted with these Pine Valley newcomers!

In early July, Brian Avers began playing Billy. If you think he looks familiar, that is probably because he has also made guest appearances on shows such as “Law & Order”; he also has two upcoming films, “Julie & Julia” and “Castle”.

Berto Colon also made several appearances in June. He played Dean. This is Berto’s second walk-on role on a soap; in December, 2007, he played the second Santa during a robbery on As The World Turns”>.

Finally in June, we were introduced to Sue, played by Selenis Leyva. Sue is one of the guards at the prison where Erica is serving her sentence.