Halloween extravaganza.

Updated November 1:

J.R. and Karina were deemed safe for another week, but it was the end of the line for David and Kym, who were eliminated. Next week, the couples still competing will perform two dances, one being the instant dance.

Originally posted October 31:

Week seven was Halloween week and J.R. and Karina danced the tango to “Ghostbusters.” They also danced a team tango, which was also scored and factored into their overall ranking on the leaderboard.

After their tango, Bruno called it another solid performance, but noted J.R. lost his timing a few times. Carrie Ann noticed the duo being out of sync as well, but thought they captured the tone of the dance and the song. Len thought J.R.’s performance was substandard to what he’s performed so far, blaming J.R. for setting such a high bar in previous weeks. He also critiqued his footwork. Carrie Ann gave J.R. and Karina a 9, while Len and Bruno awarded them 8s.

J.R. and Karina teamed up with Nancy Grace & Tristan MacManus and David Arquette & Kym Johnson for the team tango. Len liked the teams dancing as a group, but thought all the individual parts were disastrous. Bruno agreed with Len because everyone made mistakes during their duets. Carrie Ann thought they started out well, but concurred that the duets were off. Carrie Ann and Bruno gave team tango 8s, while Len awarded them a 7.

Overall, J.R. and Karina landed on the leaderboard somewhere under Ricki and Derek, who once again claimed the top spot. What did you think of J.R.’s tango? Share your thoughts below.

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