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We all know about soap stars being rapidly aged – sometimes it’s called SORAS. You can read about that here. Kendall Hart Slater isn’t being rapidly aged but many fans have noticed that she is acting a bit older lately.

Take the drama with Greenlee. The old Kendall most likely would have screamed and raged and forced Greenlee to forgive her. The Kendall we saw in May didn’t do that. Instead, she told Greenlee it was alright if she hated her because they could work with hate.

So, is this a true new leaf that Kendall is turning over? Actress Alicia Minshew believes it is – and she couldn’t be happier about the new Kendall we’ve all noticed these past few weeks. During our chat, Alicia and I touched on the changes in Kendall. Here is what she had to say!

“I think that show [when Kendall allowed Greens to hate her] was really great,” said Alicia. “[The writers] have made a few episodes of her mature and not being a complete and utter whiney child. I have begged for them to do that! I’ve gone to them and said let’s remember what she’s been through in the last year and let’s not regress her.”

But don’t expect Kendall to be the perfect older sister type or become a pseudo-Bianca. She is, after all, her mother’s daughter! Kendall is still going to need a lot of attention from husband Zach and sooner or later she is going to want Greenlee to be her best, best friend. Just like old times!

“They are in the middle of absolute mayhem, but they’ll survive!” Alicia exclaimed. “They are very much like dysfunctional sisters and they will hate each other for a while but there are events that will bring them back together.”