Credit: Alicia Minshew (

If you have ever wondered how your favorite soap stars stay fit with their incredibly busy script memorizing, show taping and event appearing schedules, wonder no more! I had the chance to chat with Alicia Minshew (Kendall) a few weeks ago and she gave me the scoop on her exercise routine . . . and now I’m passing that routine along to you!

Late in 2007, Alicia began releasing exercise routines through her website; the routines are downloadable to your iPod, making exercising on the go a breeze. She says the whole thing started with a trip to see her trainer.

“I came to him and said I wanted to gain weight and I wanted to gain strength. I can be too thin at times if I don’t build up muscle, so we started doing these fun workouts together. He tried different exercises and couldn’t believe my results. He also worked with the people at Pump 1 and took the idea [of an exercise video starring Alicia] to them and they were interested. We had a great energy and did a shoot with all the different exercises and put together the programs.”