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Love is a fickle, fickle beast, especially when it comes to soap opera love. But every now and then a really great love story comes along that fans simply have to grab onto. We all know the supercouples: Jack and Erica, Edmund and Maria, Phoebe and Wallingford.

Recently, there have been two loves fighting for the heart of Krystal Carey: Adam Chandler and Tad Martin. It seems these two men have been fighting for years over everything from morning coffee to missing children. Both are fun to watch and both are loved by their fan bases but the real question now is who is the right man for Krystal?

When it comes to family, though, Tad takes the cake. He is the beloved, adopted son of Joe and Ruth Martin. Being the son of a doctor is nothing to sneeze at. He also has Opal, his biological mom, and Palmer, his one-time step-father, on his side. While Palmer isn’t in Tad’s daily life, he did help Tad when Krystal needed to sell of some of Adam’s jewelry to pay the bills after he kicked her out. So, while Tad may not have buckets of money sitting around, he does have a lot of family to lean on. This gives Tad one point. The score is tied!

We’ve received a lot of fan mail from viewers on both sides of the Krystal/Adam/Tad love triangle. Some say Tad is absolutely her best chance at love. Others say there is no denying the chemistry and heat between Adam and Krystal. We decided to delve into the relationships to see which man is the best catch. Here is what we discovered.

When it comes to money, Tad simply cannot beat Adam. As the CEO of Chandler Enterprises, Adam controls a lot of money. Money, as we all know, equals power in soapland. First, there is the Chandler Mansion, complete with tunnels and hidden rooms and very elegant furnishings. Krystal and Adam seemed very happy there for several months. Who wouldn’t be comfortable with live-in servants, lovely furniture and a rich man to pay all the bills? That gives Adam one point.