JR's dark side. (Soaps.com)

Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For September 19 – 23:

It’s weird to think this will be my last “All My Children” blog until who knows when. At least progress is being made in terms of Prospect Park securing some of the cast 
for the online era of Pine Valley. This past week has been one of great emotion as we’ve seen some favorites return and certain storylines resolve themselves. Without further ado, let’s get to dissecting what happened during the last week of “All My Children” as we know it.

Family tributes.
I’m not gonna lie, I hated the Kane family tribute on Tuesday. I didn’t feel there was anything of consequence happening and the characters breaking the fourth wall was jarring. That aside, I loved the Hubbard, Martin and Chandler episodes. Something huge happened in each of their tributes: Angie got her sight, Lucy and Maya back; Tad and Dixie got engaged; Joe, Ruth and Jamie returned; Stuart was revealed to be David’s patient and alive; Adam came home to confront JR; and JR saw a vision of Babe, which was heartbreaking and sent him into a deeper downward spiral. There were tons of great tissue worthy scenes – even if Stuart’s resurrection was a bit on the sappy side – and wonderful flashbacks.


While I would have been grateful to David for saving my loved ones, I would be pissed he kept me in the dark for so long. Look how quickly Adam’s presence saved Stuart. It seems like someone should have mentioned that in between pats on the back. And I’m still not sure to what extent David’s involvement with Zach’s shady casino partners was, but I can overlook that as the writers were sort of on a deadline. I love David, but after all the bad he’s done, I’m not sure he should get off so easily. However, I have enjoyed how touching he’s been with Cara. Now that we know Lindsay Hartley plans on migrating online, I pray to the soap opera Gods that Vincent Irizarry follows suit so we can see their story play out. Besides, Pine Valley will still need a good villain.

I like the way Erica’s arc ended, for now anyway. Like Zach, I don’t think Erica should give up her dreams. As she is so fond of saying, she’s Erica Kane! If anyone can have it all, it’s her. I was happy she made an attempt to include Jack in her L.A. life, but apparently Jack doesn’t give a damn. Despite liking that Erica was staying true to who she was, while realizing she needed Jack, I loved him standing up to her like that.