Just like old times. (Soaps.com)

Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For September 12 – 16:

As we begin the final week of “All My Children’s” run on ABC, many questions abound. Last week left us with many things to ponder, that may or may not get answered before the show heads online. Let’s get to it.

What about David?
There’s so much happening that involves him it’s hard to know where to start. What other former Pine Valley residents has David saved, but is keeping from their loved ones? Will he go to prison? Will Cara let him be a father to his child if he doesn’t? There’s just so much going on with him I’d hate to see the character not transition online. He has been so wonderfully complex lately as evidenced by his being tender and heartbreaking with Cara one minute, yet cold and taunting with JR the next. I also loved the vulnerability he showed with Angie. I hate that he was involved in the whole Zach and his casino partners’ debacle from the beginning, which seems to be a contrived way for David to pay for all his sins. He’s someone we love to hate and even love sometimes and we can’t do that if he’s behind bars. If you haven’t already, read our Soaps.com’s interview with Vincent Irizarry to find out the actor’s thoughts on his alter ego.

Is Babe alive?
It’s hilarious to me that JR refused to believe Dixie’s assumption that Babe could be alive. He was talking to his twice thought to be dead mother. Not to mention, Zach just returned from the dead, as has Greenlee, Maria, Tad and countless others in Pine Valley. Regardless, JR started to believe it could be true and confronted David. Next week, Alexa Havins returns as Babe, but we don’t know in what fashion. Will she be alive or will she visit JR as a vision/dream like Gillian and Leo did their former loves? I don’t know, but I’m actually really glad I don’t. There are little to no spoilers about what will happen next week, which makes the final network week all the more exciting.