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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For September 5 – 9:

The Orpheus storyline kicked things up a notch last week, ending with a major cliffhanger. A few other things happened as well, including Erica getting a surprise in L.A., so let’s get right to it.

The Sting?
The Ryan/David/Zach standoff came to a head on Friday when Griffin was revealed to be killed by Zach and a gun went off after a struggle between Ryan and Zach. It was designed to be a shocking cliffhanger, but I have a sneaking suspicion all is not what it seems. I have no idea what will happen, especially since the spoilers “All My Children” has been releasing lately are sparse to say the least, but here’s my theory: Since Zach and Ryan have been so over the top lately and David seems genuinely appalled by Zach’s behavior, not to mention I don’t believe they would kill off Griffin or ruin Zach’s character in the last few weeks of the network run, I believe it’s all a ruse. Ryan, Griffin and Zach staged this elaborate plan to teach David a lesson about playing God or to trick him into confessing something. Again, just speculation on my part. What do you think is going on?

Character development.
It’s nice to see David being played as more of a well-rounded character instead of just a one dimensional, egomaniacal, control freak. The mystery surrounding Orpheus is intriguing and makes us all question David’s evil genius status, but his vulnerability with Cara and Angie humanizes him and makes us care about him. I’m really happy they’ve pulled David back into the forefront as “All My Children’s” network run wraps up, especially after he was mostly back burnered for the last year. I’d love to see David continue with the show online especially now that Cara is pregnant. They have a lot of potential for coupledom and as I mentioned last week, it’d be interesting to watch David finally get to be a real hands-on father. I can only imagine all the scheming and manipulating he’d do in the name of his new progeny. What do you think about this development? Vote in our All My Children Poll: David and Cara as Parents.