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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For August 29 – September 2:

I can’t believe there are only three weeks left until “All My Children” goes off ABC. I know it will eventually resurface online, but it’s still an ending which will be felt. Time is running out for Pine Valley as we know it and a couple of story points came to a head last week, while a few others pressed on. Let’s get to it.

Mining the past.

They had to give Erica something to do in her final weeks leading up to the network end, but killing Mike Roy off with a throwaway line only to make Erica investigate whether or not David brought him back from the dead seems a bit contrived. I admit I don’t much remember Mike and Erica’s romance, but I would think resurrecting Travis’ memory would be more relevant since he was Erica’s husband, Bianca’s father and Jack’s brother/rival. Since they are going down this road though, it would be nice if Erica let Jack help her find Mike so that they might enjoy some happiness and romance along the way before September 23. Time’s a wasting and there hasn’t been much love between Jack and Erica since she returned from Jane’s captivity.

Cold turkey.

It’s hilarious that JR is going around declaring that he’s sober now. It’s been like a day. I wish I could kick my pop habit so easily. I’m not too invested in how JR manipulates things in order to get AJ back, so they really need to bring Babe back soon to make me care what happens to him in the final weeks. Since Jacob Young is returning to The Bold and the Beautiful, I wonder if he will ride off into the sunset to start over with his true love and their son far away from Pine Valley. Or, maybe he’ll return to Africa with his brother Jamie to try and redeem himself. What do you think will happen for JR?