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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For August 22 – 26:

While I’m still loving “All My Children” these days, I found myself mostly on a rant this week. It’s just nitpicking really, but there were a few things that bothered me about last week’s show. Let’s get to it.

Going out with a bang.

Jacob Young recently confirmed he is returning to the Bold and the Beautiful. That obviously means the actor won’t be following “All My Children” online, but it remains to be seen if they recast the role. Whatever happens, the character isn’t going quietly in the night, as he is in full on destruction mode trying to destroy Marissa for her perceived betrayal. I like that he’s still front and center and that he hasn’t turned into a complete good guy before the network end, but I’d like to see him use his energies to battle his cousin Scott instead of, or in addition to, his ex. There was so much promise when Scott returned from prison for a great rivalry between him and JR, but that never really went anywhere. In fact, Scott is hardly ever seen anymore. One of the very few things I’m unhappy about with the show lately.

Sugary sweet.

Speaking of Marissa, her relationship with Bianca has really taken off. The instant girlfriends are very lovey dovey and are even thinking about moving in together already. While it’s great that they’re happy, they’re a bit much for me. There needs to be some conflict or a secret that could threaten to come between them. Anything to cut some of the saccharine. Sure, there’s JR’s agenda against them, but I only see that as bringing them closer, which I’m not sure I can stomach. What do you think of them as a couple? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Bianca and Marissa.