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Lori’s “All My Children” Weekly Wrap Up For August 8 – 12:

As the Project Orpheus storyline continues to unfold, we’ve been treated to some nice payoffs, while more of the mystery and anticipation builds. The only missteps for me lately are the Maya/Mookie storyline and Marissa’s completely unfazed reaction to learning her father was bringing people back from the dead. I thought it garnered a bit more shock than she relayed, but otherwise, I’m loving everything “All My Children.” Let’s get to it.

Zach’s back.
And it was so good to see him. He’s been missed. I found it interesting that Greenlee saw the scar on his arm and wondered how David pieced him back together. Is Zach a modern day Frankenstein’s monster? I hope it doesn’t get that weird and it’s just that David somehow miraculously found Zach after the explosion and kept him alive. It was also funny that David got upset with Greenlee for not handling her seclusion with Zach properly. He explained to his ex-wife that he locked her in with Zach so he’d have a friendly face to wake up to. Uh, David? You might have wanted to clue Greenlee in that Zach was actually alive before putting her in a Leo-filled, drug induced state where upon she woke up and saw the living dead. Perhaps the best thing about Zach’s return, aside from him actually returning, is that he showed up on Monday and Kendall saw him on Friday. There were no zombie-like runs through the park or writhing around in his bed for weeks on end. I know it’s probably due to the September 23 ABC deadline, before the show migrates online, but I wish all soap stories could clip along this quickly.